Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Break up.. Second chance ♥

“Breakup is in the air” It sounds funny but yes it’s true. After the valentine day love marathon now you can see breakup tsunami everywhere. Girls are crying for the old one and boys are enjoying with the new one (vice-versa). It’s painful and shameful but unfortunately true. Love is not for everyone but pain in love is free, so everyone gets it as a complimentary gift. However just like “after every rainy storm, a rainbow comes”. Behind every tearful eye, there is a new colorful life waiting for you. 

In a strange way breakups are good because sometimes it can really help you to live your own dreams. Sometimes life pushes you too hard to put you down but that's the time when it also teaches you how get up and fly. Breakups are just one of those lessons of life that gives you a second chance to live your own life. Sometimes when you get & lose the love of your life then only you realize that what all you are missing in life is actually waiting for you only. You learn that you have everything that you ever dreamed about around the corner but you never visited that corner before.

Breakups are the time when you get a chance to see life from your own eyes. Yes in love you see everything from his or her point of view (If I do this, will he/she like it or not) but when you are left alone then only you think about what you always want, what can actually make your life perfect, what can bring a smile on your own face. This is the time when you can actually start thinking about making yourself happy and this is all what life expects from you. Life wants you to be happy.
Now & then it’s very important to take time for yourself. Living life for others is great but you can never make someone's life beautiful if you don't know how to live your own. 

Things will get worse before they get better. So if something is not happening in the way you want then start preparing for the best time as it will come soon for sure. Move on thinking that love is giving you a second chance. Mostly breakups happen because of less communication that creates more miss-understanding but no one deserves your thoughts and time more than yourself. Give time to your own life and be selfish for sometime. Before thinking about respecting his or her love, respect your own
because you know it’s true. 

♥ Love someone who feels happy to be with you but not someone who can’t even say this while looking into your eyes ♥



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