Monday, January 14, 2013

Love @ C.P ♥

Winters evening, cold breezes, music of traffic & shopping streets, lot to shop and no one to stop. My love by my side makes it perfectly right. It’s my perfect idea of a perfect day out. Walking in & around circles can never be so beautiful unless you are talking about Connaught place. When you want to spend some time alone and want to know the real you, when you ask someone if you love me, Connaught place says yes I do. Perfect place for everyone be it kids, teenagers, uncle, aunties or for lovers like me. The magic of those white pillars or the beauty of that central park, it all has a charismatic way of making people fall in love. Walking hand in hand and doing window shopping till I get tired & then relaxing under those central park trees and naming you sweetly “my lovely liar”. Beautiful park lights in night that makes it look like beautiful bride, somewhere tickles me inside to hug you more tight. Sometimes I wonder who I love more, is it my heart or is it this Connaught place that makes me love you more ♥


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