Sunday, January 20, 2013

Girl's moments of love ♥

L.O.V.E - Only four characters but defines the character of a person, community, town/city, country & for the universe. We say love is everywhere and in everything but we always find our self searching for it and chasing it. It's may be because LOVE comes in different looks in different phases of our life. Men are considered more practical in life than girls but for a girl at any stage of her life LOVE is everything. From her birth till her last breath all she looks for is LOVE 

As a girl for me love is when I come into this world & find my parents crying with a big smile on their faces, looking as happy as they might have never looked before. It's LOVE when I’m not been treated as a burden but gets a treatment like an angel with no terms & conditions whatsoever. Unconditional love that I get from them is my first real love indeed ♥

Love is when I start going to school and see my mom getting up early everyday to make me tasty breakfast, helping me to get ready for school and my dad kissing me on forehead wishing me good luck for the day. Love is when I find that my best friend booked a seat for me so that we can sit together in class & chit-chat and when sharing lunch becomes more important than menu. Love is when teacher ask me something that I don't know and then my friend start whispering the answer so that I don't get punishment. It's Love when I accidently makes an eye contact with a cute guy in class sitting far on the bench & we both gets a smile on our faces, my friends catches me and start teasing me with his name. I feel love in those small fights that I do with my bestie to irritate her ♥

As a teenager my understanding of love changes from only parent’s love to someone handsome & cute guy who is passing his smile onto me. These are the days when love happens in every breath I take. Crush on someone becomes as common as elections in INDIA (it can happen anytime) ♥

Pocket money spending changes from chocolates to make up kits. Spending time in front of mirror becomes favorite pass time and life is impossible without a movie day twice a week ♥

Being in love is beautiful and being loved by someone is a special feeling. In love I start enjoying my life more than ever before. Being someone’s special is a special feeling indeed. I feel LOVE when he come close to me and whisper “I love you” in my ears. I feel his love when he holds my hand and give me a “ I’ll never let you go “ feeling. His words talks to my heart and I see my future in his eyes. Hand in hand and locking fingers becomes as romantic as kissing. I love my breakups and patch ups. His surprises and gifts make me feel loved and adorable. Fear of getting caught by friends or family but still taking the risk of meeting him is a beautiful feeling of love. His hugs and cuddling me becomes my definition of love. Days become short and night becomes long while text, calls and messenger becomes best buddies ♥

As I get lost in my love, sometimes I forget about what’s going around me and then all of a sudden I realize that I have to get married. I always dream that my love propose me in a big beautiful filmy style but sometimes I do get options from parents as well (handsome & wealthy options). I start dreaming about marriage ♥ As a child I used to play & enjoy groom-bride marriage games but now it’s in reality. I’m going to be a bride in real. This reality is much more beautiful than any of my dreams. These are the days when you can see me smiling for literally no reason, you will find my eyes shinning like a diamond and from a bathroom singer I become a full time la la la. . . Singer. Singing all romantic songs that I have ever heard and imagining myself in his arms. As a teenager I didn't like rains only because they are not good for my makeup and expensive clothes but now rains become the most romantic part of my life. These are the days that make me feel like a blessed angel. Tear comes only when I realize that I have to go to a new house leaving my parents and siblings behind. It’s a mix feeling of being happy for what I’m going to get and being sad of what I have to leave behind. Leaving a home where you have spent almost 25 years with your family is not a great feeling but still I find love in these feelings and finally the day comes when I have to take 7 vows and these 7 vows are going to change my world forever ♥ With each vow I take & give a promise of being loyal, being respectful, being trustworthy and promise of being someone’s heartbeat, someone’s life forever. It’s a feeling of being the princess of a love story that’s been written in heaven and its coming true on earth. With smiles all around and butterflies in my stomach indeed it's the most beautiful phase of my life ♥

After marriage I feel like “ Life can’t be more beautiful than this “ but then comes the real love that life has stored for me. From being someone’s cute child to someone's life, now I becomes someone's MOM :) Yes... Yepppiiiiiiiiii.... Till now I was feeling love because someone or the other loved me but now I have someone in life who is a part of me, part of my life, and for sure my pure LOVE. I always heard from others that life changes after giving birth to a child but now actually I’m feeling it. It’s a feeling of flying on 7th cloud, feeling of winning the world; it’s a magical feeling that can not be described in words. It changes all the definitions of love that I knew. Now actually I know what love is in real ♥

After feeling love in all stages of my life I realized that the true love is when you love someone unconditionally, let it be your parents, school friends, college buddies, first crush, husband or your kids. You can feel love only if you are ready to love them from your heart. “True love is not being loved or adore by someone, love is making someone smile because that is what makes you smile” ♥

What is love for you? What's your moments of love in life?

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