Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Eve @ C.P ♥

♥ Sitting in the middle of the central park on the corner of those beautifully well designed stairs with a black lamp post beside me. . . . Coffee in one hand & a novel in another. . . . Life can't be better than this. . Cold breezes & strings of sunlight coming together like they are made for each other ♥ Strangers sitting around or i should say beautiful stranger girls sitting around. . chit-chatting about there dreams & doing gossips about how girls should do their makeup & a couple sitting in-front giggling on God knows what !! Girl telling her boyfriend that she likes those soap bubbles & the clouds that sometimes do make beautiful pictures in the sky.. She likes all that more than anything but of-course she didn't forget to tell him that he is still her first Love. . it was sweet :) ♥ Me sitting there watching people around & reading my novel making my heart fall in love with me all over again. . Sometimes life gives you these kind of such innocent beautiful moments that leaves you with that no reason kind of smiles on your face. . Today may be for a bit but i lived my life. . I was happy there. . it was for real. . I don't even remember when it happened for the last time with me but today it was magical. . I must say. . its the magic of my lovable & my favorite place C.P ♥

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  1. Coffee and Novel in CP . Well thats cool..I would love to do that..but I would love to story telling to all the strangers...making it more interesting...



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