Monday, December 31, 2012

A year without YOU ♥

I can't tell you in words how much I missed you in the last one year. I haven’t seen you once, not even heard from you but I still remember your voice, your big smiles, your beautiful eyes and your mesmerizing touch. I missed all that and missed it more than ever before. In the last one year I tried to move on, tried to make myself understand that we can’t be together. Dreams that I have, the moments of love that I imagine with you can never become reality. All this year I tried not to visit the places where we use to go. I cried, I drank, I tried to get lost in work, walked all alone, tried to erase each & everything that makes me remember you but as this year is going to end let me tell you. I failed in all this. I failed one more time because the love that I have for you always wins. This love won over me many times before and its still doing it. I wish one day if this love could win your heart for me.
In the last one year I never met you but still I saw you everyday in the pictures. These pictures in which we are together are the only thing that makes my heart smile these days. I never heard from you but I can still feel you singing close to my ears.
I lied. . . . Actually I visited all the places where we used to go. I made sure that I don't miss any. Places where we did shopping, markets were we walked around, places where we ate like eating for the first and last time, places that you liked the most, places where we smiled together, places where we had  moments of you and me only. I sat on those places and imagined you by my side. In those virtual moments I lived with my love (you) again. It was beautiful but painful too as I missed you like crazy after those moments. Shopping was not fun anymore as I was not shopping for you, eating pizza can never be full of taste without you. Walking alone in my favorite places is awfully painful without you. Parties were incomplete as my heart was missing you. This ending year these were the moments of being with you and being without you. Love is beautiful but missing love is terrible.
This year is ending but my love for you will never end. I love you more than ever before, I love you more than what I told you, I love you more than what those letters are telling you, I love you so much that I can spend my life waiting for you. I want to see love in your beautiful small eyes. Love, Love for Me.
Miss you very much.


  1. First paragraph is beautiful :) second is too but first one is just BEAUTIFUL !



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